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dualmine annyversary

PROMOTION: CRT Airdrop – Anniversary Hunt! – ONLY FOR THE FIRST 150 ORDERS!

Happy Anniversary! Buy today any hash power or reinvest and you will get free CRT power of our own cryptocurrency – Cryptonits. For example, if you buy for 100$, you will receive, a CRT power worth 100$. You will get Huge Power x6 + CRT power with the same order value.

2nd Anniversary! 2 years ago Dualmine.com saw the light of day and the first user was registered. During these 2 years, we developed and improved Dualmine for you. Hard work for two years has allowed us to provide you with very good service and we are grateful for your participation in this project. Thank you for being an essential part of our success! Happy 2nd Anniversary!

Halving is coming…! Do you have a lot of questions and concerns about the upcoming Bitcoin Halving? Unnecessarily! Bitcoin was designed as a deflationary currency, like gold. Halving is dividing the reward for miners by half. Currently, the block reward is 12.5 coins per block and will decrease to 6.25 coins per block post halving. Every time in the past when halving was, the price of Bitcoin went up, so this time it can be the same. You can get coins with a bigger value, so it can be an even bigger profit at $. You do not have to worry because we are prepared for this event. In our opinion, halving is something good in the long term and will bring benefits to everyone. There is also bad news because our costs will increase. That’s why we need to raise the prices of new hash power by 25-35%. We are not raising prices suddenly today without informing, so you still have a chance to buy more hash power with the old price. Prices will be changed soon so If you want to increase your hash power, today is the best moment to buy cheaper power and make a bigger profit after halving.

PROMOTION: Happy 2nd Anniversary – Huge Power x6 + CRT Airdrop – OLD PRICES!

Buy today and get 6x more hash power + CRT Airdrop. Biggest sale ever only on 2nd Anniversary!

1. Create an order or reinvest for any hash power.

2.Pay for it and we will multiply 6 times your order power + CRT!

sign up here : https://www.dualmine.com/?ref=58270

* For example: Order and pay for 1000 GH/s and you will get 6000 GH/s + CRT Airdrop

** Minimum order and reinvest value to get Huge Power + CRT = 15$

sign up here:  https://www.dualmine.com/?ref=58270


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