British government adviser resigns

Agency, April 24. Professor Neil Ferguson, who recommended the implementation of the lockdown in the UK, has resigned after violating social norms. He is the chief adviser to the British government on Carona. Announcing his resignation, Professor Ferguson said: “I admit that I did something wrong. That is why I have resigned. There is a clear message that social distance is needed to control the Corona epidemic, but I ignored that.

I’m sorry about that. ‘ According to the BBC, Professor Ferguson allowed a woman to approach him in violation of social restrictions. Professor Ferguson is the director of the Center for Global Infectious Diseases Analysis. The organization advises the government and the World Health Organization on issues ranging from Ebola in Africa to the now-epidemic Karena. The same organization had warned the world about the dangers of Kareena last January. Chinese officials say Wuhan has infected only a few dozen people with carina, while the organization says at least hundreds have been infected.

At the same time, Professor Ferguson’s team’s research report concluded that about 500,000 people would die in the UK from Corona if no immediate action was taken. On his advice, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a nationwide strike on March 23. Since then, Neil Ferguson has been known in Britain as ‘Professor Lockdown’.


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