How many minutes of intercourse is best?

How many minutes of intercourse is best?

How many minutes of intercourse is best?

Both men and women want to know more about sex. But they are ashamed to talk. If you want to imagine a happy married life and increase mutual understanding in the family, such things should be between husband and wife. Men need to understand each other and women need to understand how to make each other feel good. Here are some things to look for when selecting yours.

1. Many people think that having sex for a long time is a lot of fun. But a study by Penn State University in the United States found that 14 to 15 minutes of sex is best.

2. When women make noise while having sex, they try to increase the orgasm of their sex partner. This means that they want to have a better relationship.

3. It is advisable to sleep together after having sex. Studies have shown that if you don’t clean up after sex, it will cause problems later.

4. Every husband and wife have sex to get a good night’s sleep. Doctors also recommend sex if you can’t sleep.

More news – Never leave a woman who grows these 6 body parts! According to astrology, if any part of a woman’s body is large, it indicates many things. The scriptures mention which parts of the body women are lucky to have. According to the scriptures, a woman who grows these body parts is considered to be lucky and good for marriage. Therefore, astrologers suggest that men accept such young women as spouses.


Women with both arms long can find great happiness and comfort in life as well as a good life partner.


Women with long hair can achieve great success in life and keep their family happy and happy.


Women with long necks tend to be hardworking and financially prosperous. These women will have the opportunity to get a lot of respect in the society.


It is mentioned in the scriptures that women with big ears on both sides of the body will live a long life and be very lucky.


Women with long legs are very lucky and can make a lot of money in life.


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