How to increase sexual capacity

How to increase sexual capacity

How to increase sexual capacity

Everyone has the desire to increase sexual ability. Still we don’t give any focus on it. Now we are giving some household ideas for this.

How to increase sexual capacity1. Watermelon consists of an amino acid named “situ line” which helps in blood circulation in the sexual organs.

2. Ginger Eating ginger increases blood circulation not only in sexual organs but also in sexual organs too.

3. Avocado has got lots of Vitamin B-6 and potassium in it. This vitamin increases sexual hormones in men. And in women, it makes the thyroid gland healthy. The thyroid gland is directly related to the sexual ability of a person. Avocado also has folic acid which helps in strengthening the heart and providing energy to the body.

4. Holy basil (Tulsi) Holy basil powder or oil


6. Red Chilli

7. Egg

8. Pumpkin seeds


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How to increase sexual capacity

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