Is Facebook really a waste of time?

Is Facebook really a waste of time? If so, why are 231 million Facebook users using Facebook? Why world businessmen, leaders, celebrities use Facebook. Are they wasting their time on Facebook or are they promoting it to their business? In my opinion, Facebook is more a matter of relying on Facebook users than wasting time.

Who uses Facebook for what purpose determines what positive or negative effects it has. Facebook users are doing a lot of good things by using Facebook in the right way. Some people may not have used Facebook knowingly or unknowingly, which has created negative consequences for individuals or society. Technology in itself is not negative. Its negative use only creates negative results.

Mark Zucker Berger did not develop it to waste people’s time. And they have not made the world richer by driving people crazy. The positive side of it has effectively reached one-third of the world’s people, ushering in a new revolution in the world of social media.

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Is Facebook really a waste of time? https://onlineearningapp.com/is-facebook-really-a-waste-of-time/


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