The Saudi princess is currently in prison

LONDON: There have been widespread comments and concerns about the safety of a Saudi princess living in prison. Basmah Bint Saud, who has been in a Saudi jail for a year, has not been in touch with her outside family lately and her relatives and well-wishers have started showing interest.

He was jailed by the Saudi ruler a year ago without charge. But his petition has not been answered. Basmah, 56, has been advocating for women’s rights and a constitutional monarchy. In March last year, she suddenly lost contact with her daughter. But the Saudi ruler only later announced that he had been imprisoned with his 28-year-old daughter, Shuhad al-Sharif. She is also the first member of the royal family to go to jail for raising women’s rights. Failure to contact him for the past few weeks has raised fears that he may have contracted the coronavirus epidemic. However, some other people are said to be infected with corona while he is being held in Al Hayer prison. Along with this, his tweets have also been deleted. Twitter is understood to have been hacked. People close to her said that her family members were terrified as there was no contact on phone or social media. The Saudi government has not publicly commented on the princess. Coronavirus infection has been confirmed in 25,000 people in Saudi Arabia. Princess Basmah was preparing to travel to Switzerland for treatment before being jailed in March 2019.


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